Beautiful Discovery, beneath a pole dancer yoga ad.

May 16, 2013

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You know what they say, even negative publicity is still publicity. Unfortunately that also applies to the world of yoga also. Names that I don’t need to mention, because I feel they have gotten too much free press as it is. You know who they are. They manage to stay in the headlines, and thus grow their bottom lines. $$$$

The latest assault on my yoga is thanks to the money that bought the back cover of the June edition of Yoga Journal. After recent events of ethical, some near criminal, misconduct in the yoga world, what would be better than to further sexualize women? If this were empowering, I do not see it. Or maybe, I just don’t get the sense of humor if they are trying to be funny. I have tried. To me it’s another photo that young girls will see and want to emulate, to look like. For some it will come at a cost that cannot be seen on a bank statement. It’s another photo that men will see and fantasize that all yoga girls have these mad skills. Maybe I go to extremes, but I’m probably not alone.

Here’s the hopeful part. What’s really important is inside, both in life and in this magazine. It can be found in the essay you will find on page 20, entitled “Beautiful Discovery”. This is what should be featured on the cover. This is who we should see in advertisements. This is the essence of yoga. The transformations that yoga leads us through. Changes that are both external & internal, physical, mental & emotional. The struggles that arise on the mat, the internal chatter of the mind comparing ourselves to others, judging ourselves critically. On the mat is a place we can learn to safely surrender to who we really are, to stop judging others and ourselves. Then we take those lessons off the mat and into the world.

Should it bother me this much? Maybe not. Maybe that is part of my journey. Part of my yoga. The question is, how does it make you feel? Why does it make you feel that way? Can you let it go? Should you let it go? Or will you be the one to lead the change?

Love & Light,

PS – Love and respect to all pole dancers out there. You have some mad skills and you own it. Peace.

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