Shut Up and Say Something!

March 22, 2013

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As a Yoga teacher I tend to have a lot to say, although, many times the biggest statement I can make is by not saying anything at all. I often like express myself with through the bangles and embellishments I choose to  wear on and off the mat.

photoMy favorite yoga jewelry at the present moment is a statement bracelet with a personal reminder to “Breathe”. In fact I have two bracelets that say “Breathe” because sometimes I forget. Both were gifts from friends, that know I need this reminder at times, I just didn’t realize it was so easy for everyone to see. Well, enough about me, now on to the bling.

The first bracelet I was given is a rocker-style leather cuff by Lenny & Eva. It has a metal plate, attached by lobster claw clasps. There are two small buttons on the strap for adjustment and the leather is soft & colorful.

The metal plate sentiments, are the perfect weight and come in a rustic silver or bronze. What bugs me is the cuff hangs a bit loose and personally I like snug bracelets. In fact it is so loose that I have even stopped wearing it during my yoga practice to avoid stretching the leather. The good news is the sentiment plate is completely interchangeable, so I can easily replace the cuff or the sentiment when  I’m ready.

photo-1The second bracelet was picked up by a friend visiting Seattle, Washington  from The Hammering Girl. Sweet simplicity best describes this style. Coming in silver, copper, and other metals, these affirmation bracelets are hand made, with a smooth mirror like finish.

Even though I have never worn bangles, this bracelet has a different “feel” to it. When I don’t want it to slide, I loop it with a stretchy bracelet or push it higher up my fore arm. If you are easily irritated by seeing little scuff marks or dings from wear, this bracelet may not be for you. While I was disappointed by the little marks at first, I realized, the more scuffs there are the more I am actively living and not being a bystander to my own life. Not a day passes that I’m not wearing my shiny reminder to “Breathe”.

There are endless options to choose from when making a quiet statement. Choose what you want to say, pick a style and let your voice be heard without saying a word. Make it loud, keep it soft, but always be you.

Love & Light,


p.s. Thank you to my friends for knowing me & providing me with such sweet gifts.

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